16 Jun 2016

Vote for Luis Piedrahita for the cover of Genii Magazine!

Why hasn’t Luis Piedrahita been featured on the cover of Genii Magazine?  Why aren’t more magicians talking about him?  Like Juan Tamariz, his magic takes bizarre twists and turns.  And like Tamariz, he throws his whole being into every performance.  Watch Luis Piedrahita grab the bull by the horns and charge headlong where few magicians would dare to go.

Piedrahita Reimagines A Classic

It takes a lot of imagination to rethink John Ramsay’s classic Cylinder and Coins.  Here Luis P.  meets the challenge and offers us something new and exciting.  The use of a toilet paper tube is, shall we say, inspired to say the least.


Piedrahita Redefines the Okito Coin Box

Watch the following two videos carefully.  Pay attention to the gentlemen seated next to Luis P.  Their reactions tell us just how well the Okito Box can play for a modern audience.  Maybe this will prove once and for all that not every single prop needs a belabored explanation.  Sometime, people just want to sit back an enjoy some good coin magic.


Death Defying Eggs


Wild Coin

Luis P. does it again.  He takes a classic plot and turns it into a commercial masterpiece.  People enjoy watching him because he takes his time and makes them care.  He understands what an effect is and takes every measure to make it clear and magical for those watching.

Now that you’ve seen Luis Piedrahita in action, ask yourself what you can do to make your magic stronger.  Open up your books and see what amazing piece of magic you may have missed on your first read through.  What can you do to improve it?  How can you make it more commercial?  What presentational angle can you apply to make your audience care about your magic?

Our vote goes to Luis Piedrahita for the cover of Genii Magazine.


Luis Piedrahita

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